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The following graphs represent the data collected from a random sample of laser treated patients, consisting of 582 patients receiving care from one of 42 participating physicians. The "pre" portion of the survey was conducted by phone and prior to the patient having their first visit with a participating study physician. The "post" follow-up survey was conducted by phone 90 to 120 days after the laser procedure was performed.

The Survey does not include individuals who were not, in the sole opinion of the attending physician, a candidate for the laser procedure. Further, study patient results shown do not represent results for any given individual and are not offered as a basis for having the procedure, they are ONLY an indication of the results obtained as reported by the patients studied. As with all health care decisions, only a complete diagnostic work up with a qualified and trained physician may reveal what you may be suffering from and whether or not you are a candidate for the laser procedure or other treatment. This also applies to the results, if any, that you can expect.

We are concerned about the quality of "internet" medical advice and self-diagnosis by internet users – no amount of research can replace the opinion of a qualified physician who has examined you, for your individual needs.